The Verifyed Enterprise Network

What is VEN?

VEN is a record and data stream management platform built on a unique enterprise peer-to-peer network architecture.

  • Link up the data from your various internal systems, cloud deployments, or across multiple geographic branches, and access it through a single unified view.
  • Reduce tedious work –and the cost of business process outsourcing– with direct electronic exchange of data between your systems and the systems of your suppliers and customers.
  • Automate your back-office with a simple visual scripting environment suitable for all users.
  • Create transparency and ease regulatory compliance –both internally and throughout your logistics network– by leveraging the power of blockchain records and immutable audit logs.
  • Transition your digital operations to a next-gen network-oriented execution environment with machine learning baked in—VEN is literally built on similarity search, fuzzy logic, and divergence minimization primitives.
  • Cut costs and streamline your business with predictive analytics powered by the end-to-end and top-to-bottom integration of records and data across the value chain.